Anastasia Filippova is a Music Teacher, Activist, Songwriter, Singer and Piano Player. She was born and raised in Russia, and moved to Canada in 1998.

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Anastasia wears a few hats. The songwriter's hat with a few feathers, the singer's hat velvet green , the teacher burette hat, environmental one made of recycled paper. She is never bored of the varied life she is living.  "I'd love for people to listen to one of my songs and say, "I want this to be my wedding song", or "This reminds me of my first love. " That would be a dream come true, it would mean others connected with my emotion, and that is a human connection all artists and listeners are searching for," says Anastasia about her notion of success.

When Anastasia first immigrated from Russia in September of 1998, her life changed dramatically. Leaving life long friends was heartbreaking, at the same time teaching Anastasia a great lesson about friendships, and gifting her with one of her newest songs called "Living in the Memory":

"There's one thing that we've realized.
It's never like it used to be,
Tears run down the face,
But it's never like the good old days."

"This song is about understanding the reality of time, and that although we allow our imagination to paint how it'd be if we went back, it won't be as we envision it in our minds. It doesn't mean it'll be better or worse, but it's nothing like we reminisce about things in our minds."

Anastasia began writing songs in grade 8 – ideas developed themselves into poems, which later transformed into songs. "I had no idea how fuse music with melodies, although I knew classical piano, which is sight reading other composers' music, and not improvisational at all. I found out about a songwriting contest with a very close deadline, so under pressure, everything figured itself out. "

Today Anastasia's songs have developed fascinating chord changes and love themed lyrics. "I will never cease to enjoy writing love songs, but I'm getting more into philosophy and activism and general poetic heart twisting lyrics, so that weaves itself into my writing." 

Everything worked out for Anastasia positively so far, fitting like a puzzle – learning piano which became a part of Anastasia's adventure, boredom in class leading to songwriting, vocal discovery after coming to Canada and Anastasia is still not finished discovering all the musical avenues she is going to live through (orchestration, film scoring, music production and maybe even a soft hip hop album.)